Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

I've recently been struggling with a weakness that's been sheltered in my darkest self as long as I can remember. That ugly whisper that waits just on the cusp of all that I do - listening, taunting, itching to poison me. Vanity. It's my vice of choice. Alcohol? No thanks, I'm already tired. Drugs? Nope, … Continue reading Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

Six reasons Wonder Woman is the Heroine we need to see more of.

She’s gorgeous, she’s a warrior princess, and she’s bulletproof. But there’s something else Wonder Woman is, a heroine. A type of heroine we’re not accustomed to seeing in the cinemas.

The Thing about Newborns.

There's nothing like holding a newborn baby.They're absolutely unearthly, with the fragrant kiss of heaven still lingering on them. Physically, they are helpless, vulnerable, and dependent, yet how humbling it is to hold their fragile person. To be relied upon to carry this being can bring the youngest child to an interim maturity, and a … Continue reading The Thing about Newborns.