Why Every Catholic Should be “Tidying Up.”

Years ago, as Pinterest began to monopolize a bit too much of my time, I read an article that changed the way I saw my belongings. "The Japanese Closet" or something of the sort. I was in a newborn haze at the time, I don't remember much. It introduced (to me at least) the concept … Continue reading Why Every Catholic Should be “Tidying Up.”

Winter & Patience.

I'm not a Winter Person. I honestly don't understand how anyone is. It's cold, but it's not just cold, it's miserable.  The sky is grey, it's either raining, snowing, or ice is just pummeling to the ground. Everything is either wet or frozen, our backyard that was once sun drenched, colorful, and useful is now … Continue reading Winter & Patience.

I gave up my cell phone. And the world’s still turning.

Last fall our large family moved into a small house, half the size of what we were used to. Obviously, we needed to eliminate A LOT. We spent months debating what we needed, versus what we were just used to having around. Having minimalist tendencies, this wasn’t terribly difficult for me. Nothing makes me as … Continue reading I gave up my cell phone. And the world’s still turning.