On Sexuality, and Feeling Broken.

Jesus looked up and said to her, "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?" John 8:10 It's odd that a story so familiar has taken so long to speak to me, and resonate within me. The woman caught in adultery is always a comforting analogy of our universal sinfulness, and the boundless mercy … Continue reading On Sexuality, and Feeling Broken.

Why Every Catholic Should be “Tidying Up.”

Years ago, as Pinterest began to monopolize a bit too much of my time, I read an article that changed the way I saw my belongings. "The Japanese Closet" or something of the sort. I was in a newborn haze at the time, I don't remember much. It introduced (to me at least) the concept … Continue reading Why Every Catholic Should be “Tidying Up.”

The Merit Behind “Unready”

My oldest man cub turned 13. He started his birthday as any other day. Waking to his alarm at 5:30 am, putting the kettle on for his tea, showering, trimming his nails, dressing, then finding his Mom to tell her about all the ideas and observations he's made since the last time we spoke. It … Continue reading The Merit Behind “Unready”

When The Lord Calls You to Quiet.

"Sometimes she must leave God at the altar, and find Him in her housekeeping." - St. Frances of Rome   I wish I had read this a few years ago. In my quiet, and my loneliness. In a matter of months after plunging into marriage with our eyes closed and hearts open, we newlyweds found … Continue reading When The Lord Calls You to Quiet.

Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

I've recently been struggling with a weakness that's been sheltered in my darkest self as long as I can remember. That ugly whisper that waits just on the cusp of all that I do - listening, taunting, itching to poison me. Vanity. It's my vice of choice. Alcohol? No thanks, I'm already tired. Drugs? Nope, … Continue reading Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.