Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

I've recently been struggling with a weakness that's been sheltered in my darkest self as long as I can remember. That ugly whisper that waits just on the cusp of all that I do - listening, taunting, itching to poison me. Vanity. It's my vice of choice. Alcohol? No thanks, I'm already tired. Drugs? Nope, … Continue reading Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

A Perennial Thanksgiving.

I've drafted this post multiple times. It never satisfies, it feels jumbled, and I feel increasingly inferior to the subject. I could barely decide on a title, I'm not even sold on this one. In an effort to thank the people who's selfless acts have so brightened my future, and provided relief to an overworked … Continue reading A Perennial Thanksgiving.

Winter & Patience.

I'm not a Winter Person. I honestly don't understand how anyone is. It's cold, but it's not just cold, it's miserable.  The sky is grey, it's either raining, snowing, or ice is just pummeling to the ground. Everything is either wet or frozen, our backyard that was once sun drenched, colorful, and useful is now … Continue reading Winter & Patience.

Six reasons Wonder Woman is the Heroine we need to see more of.

She’s gorgeous, she’s a warrior princess, and she’s bulletproof. But there’s something else Wonder Woman is, a heroine. A type of heroine we’re not accustomed to seeing in the cinemas.

Why I (try to) Veil.

It’s one of those early memories. Those that remain gilded by the golden blur of nostalgia. I was a young girl, crammed into a pew with strangers. I was in a large church, lulled by a foreign language floating in the distance, and a fervent fragrance. With little understanding of the Latin mass, and the … Continue reading Why I (try to) Veil.